My name is Petra Somers, welcome to my blog and portfolio space. I am a photographer located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

I am primarily a portrait photographer with experience in product and event photography. I love working with individuals, families, children and couples to capture genuine life moments in a natural way. I practice photography mostly for the love of it, and hope to share my enthusiasm with the lovely souls who come my way.

In addition to photography, I can usually be found spending time with my family and my new daughter, staging products and houses, painting fine art portraits, designing correspondence and brand identity, cheering for my drummer husband, and enjoying everything else the Lehigh Valley has to offer.

Email: petrabagoly@gmail.com


I have found my purpose in the artistic expression of portraiture. I have rarely been interested in creating art without a living subject. To me, the human essence is essential. Our bodies and features are how we recognize, differentiate, and communicate between one another. Our beings change with moods and with age. I am always interested in how aesthetic ideals in figurative art have changed with the passing centuries and decades. As a species we have used makeup, grooming, and surgery to enhance our features,sometimes to stand out, to mark differences in our social strata, or to homogenize ourselves. Figurative artwork through the years is a fascinating record and reflection of these trends. The immortality of a portrait is powerful and beautiful. In our own lives, and most importantly, a face is beloved to us because of the soul it belongs toAs an artist I feel strongly that we should celebrate the the individual, and the universal gift of being unique, and I work to promote this celebration every day and reflect that joy in my artwork.

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