Jordan and Bill

I first met Jordan and Bill through Jordan's sister Caitlin who is a very close friend.  Throughout the time I have known them, they have always made a fantastic pair, and I was not surprised to learn of their engagement.  I was honored to be asked to photograph the event and I truly loved being at the beautiful Barn Swallow Farm on a (weather-wise) fickle but fun August evening.

In every corner of the grounds and structures, we were surrounded by sunflowers, which have a special significance to the bride and groom.  The cheerful yellow blooms combined with the wood elements of the barn and stone house, fields of corn, and open skies, and set off by the gowns of blue, truly were a vision of rustic perfection and sweet remembrance.

The ceremony was sweet and funny, with anecdotes from the couple's relationship and first meeting. Everyone had a smile on their face and a fan in-hand. After the vows we managed to get a few lovely poses in just in time before an grey cloud rolled in and blasted the barn with rain! I think it added some literal and metaphorical electricity to the night.

There was a photo booth, a surprise visit by the most adorable ice cream truck, and no shortage of other desserts on the menu.  It was a sweet and fun affair, and I am very happy for the couple who are living it up on a cruise right now!