Empowered Women - Carithanne

"My source of empowerment as a woman and as a human being stems from my ability to create beauty in all things, be it a home cooked meal, friendship, staging a friend’s home, or in my artwork. I am always trying to infuse beauty into the world."
"My earliest memories as a child are of playing with crayons, attempting to make cookies on my own, and forever rearranging furniture. As humans we have the unique ability to create things that reflect and enrich our surroundings, allowing us to better connect and relate to each other when words don’t cut it."

"I’ve been fortunate to eke out a living doing what I love: art and
interior design. Being able to help others connect to their space through a painting or by decorating their home is a reward in and of itself because it fosters friendships and connections that last a lifetime."