Empowered Women - Britt (Boston, MA)

"I like to prove to men that I shouldn't be underestimated, especially in a financial negotiation. I recently got a new car and the dealerships I spoke to were very male-dominated. Twice my wife and I were asked if we were the "decision-makers" and one salesman even asked if my dad called on my behalf. It was evident that these salesman felt they had the upper hand, which is what made every step of the negotiation so interesting. I was fortunate to have a friend give me a few tips at the start but then my competitive nature kicked in and I became determined to beat them at their own game

I've always been competitive. I grew up in a family and neighborhood full of boys determined to prove I could do anything they were doing. Beyond that, I've got a knack for reading people and I rarely lose my cool. Those things combined make me interested in negotiating

I teach a class in financial literacy and have since designed lessons about this experience. It's particularly satisfying to teach young women about money so they are empowered and equipped to handle these situations in the future."