Empowered Women Photo Project

Calling all ladies!

I will be starting a photography project that centers around women and the things that they do in their lives that make them feel the most empowered. This could be anything from running marathons to career moments, mothering, cooking, arts, exercise/sports, etc. Anything goes.

Therefore, I'm looking for women participants. I hesitate to use the word "model" but you'd be featured in a photo, along with a caption on your empowerment. (If you are shy or prefer not to be recognized, we can get creative with hands/silhouettes, etc. so do not let that be a limiting factor)

Please reach out and message me at petrabagoly@gmail.com if you are interested and let me know how you personally kick butt! I will send out a form and follow up with shoot scheduling and brainstorming.

Thank you to the women in my life for being awesome and inspiring, let's feel some positivity about our amazing accomplishments!