Lighting Tests: Shooting without Daylight

These photos are actually from one of the first photo sessions I took, when I hadn't had a chance to shoot much in the daylight yet. I thought I had better figure out how to light a subject at night when I have the most free time.  In the past few months I've learned to work pretty well during the day.  I have my preferred time to shoot (mid-morning, or afternoon) and I'm getting comfortable with it which means it's time to keep learning.  One of my challenges with a studio/artificial lighting is that I don't have any professional equipment whatsoever.  Therefore I'm forced to make some funny set-ups that involve all the lamps I own in my house, divested of their shades, and outfitted with assortments of lightbulbs. I can't wait to learn more and eventually buy some flash gear and stands.  In this session I tried out a variety of things, a fairly straightforward portrait set up with soft lights at 45 degree angles, next I tried a high-key set up, and finally, made some experimentation with backlighting.

high key