Snowflake Tutorial

Although I am aware that it is now spring (yay!) it seems like the weather in my neck of the woods has not been informed.  While we are still hanging onto some snow, I thought I would share one of my lesser-known talents with the masses.  Paper snowflakes!

I like to make these to send with my Christmas/holiday cards, even though I didn't get around to it this year.  They make awesome winter decorations, and are really not that hard to make the right way, you just have to get it into your head that you are not folding this into a square, but rather a wedge.

Step 1 - fold a corner to the side to make a square (optional: cut off extraneous rectangular section)

Step 2 - this shape is now a wide triangle.  Fold one of the sides in, not to the middle, but rather trying to make even thirds, this is the trickiest fold, it's a guess.

Step 3 - fold the other side backwards or forwards, completing the thirds

Step 4 - fold the entire thing again, it's very slim now.

Step 5 - note where the shortest part of the paper is.  You will want to cut off all of the extra paper to that point, the wedge will look very short now.

Step 6 - begin cutting your snowflake!

Step 7 - make lots of cuts along each side, in any shapes you choose, just do not cut off either one of the folds entirely

Step 8 - unfold your awesome snowflake!